Gambling Law in Germany


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Publication Date 15th January 2024

Frequent changes in the legal basis and diverse, sometimes confusing legal sources from Union, federal and state law mean that gambling and sports betting law in Germany is one of the most challenging areas of law.

For courts, authorities, the legal profession, and also for companies active in this area, there has been a lack of comprehensive, practice-oriented legal presentation for efficient familiarization with this inconsistent area of law. In particular, the regulations under state law differ, in some cases considerably, depending on the form of gambling.

This book is intended to provide for the first time a comprehensive, up-to-date and practice-oriented presentation of the legal foundations of all common forms of gambling and the respective licensing procedures.

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Ausstattung softcover
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Breite 148 mm
Höhe 210 mm
Verlag Fachmedien Recht und Wirtschaft
Sachgebiet Gambling law, Sports betting, Administrative law, Regulation
Zielgruppe Companies in the gambling and sports betting industry (management and legal department), public authority employees and lawyers in licensing and regulatory authorities, judges, public prosecutors, lawyers
Herausgeber Mirko Benesch, Marcus Röll
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